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How to Bring
to Your School District is the State of California’s one-stop shop for all the resources students need to set goals for life after high school and make plans to achieve them.

Our tools are designed to empower students to take their college and career journeys into their own hands. To guide your decision on when to bring to your school district, consider taking the following steps:

Learn About

From discovering more about their career interests, to choosing the right college and major, to completing their college and financial aid applications, students can find the tools they need to succeed all in one place. Check out our video or the web page below to learn more.

Understand What Partnership Means For Your District

Through a partnership with the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI), your school district will gain access to all the tools and resources available on Download and read our guide on the preparation process below to determine whether your district is ready to partner with CCGI.

Meet with Our Community Engagement Team and Submit an Intent to Partner Form

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re ready to bring to your district, contact our Community Engagement team and request an overview meeting to learn more about what partnership involves. Then, our team will send you an Intent to Partner Form which will kick off the partnership process.

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What Students and Educators Are Saying

I use for everything college related. It would keep me on track for what I needed to finish for high school and what I needed for college.

― Katrina Cating, Heritage High School empowered students to have informed conversations with me. It also gave the family information about what they can do to support the student. I can’t say enough about how this platform has really supported my work as a counselor.

― Maritza Torres, Jefferson Union High School District